Klaudena - America’s #1 Seat Cushion

Klaudena - America’s #1 Seat Cushion

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Klaudena safari cushion
Sense of relieved back + hip pain
Take anywhere
Adapts to your body
Ideal for desk workers
Sense of relieved back + hip pain
Take anywhere
Adapts to your body
Ideal for desk workers
Sense of relieved back + hip pain
Take anywhere
Adapts to your body
Ideal for desk workers

Sitting For Long Hours is the Worst. Isn’t it?

Uncomfortable shifting
It’s uncomfortable — plenty of shifting and readjusting, but nothing changes.
Painful sitting
It’s painful — Back, hip, sciatica pain, muscle fatigue. Everything hurts after a while.
Unproductive work
It’s unproductive — you’re getting less work done even when you know you’re capable of much more.

The memory-foam seat cushion that adapts perfectly to your curves

Klaudena memory foam seat shape
Even expensive, ergonomic desk chairs won’t always keep you pain-free. But the nagging pain won't last - with Klaudena.
The Klaudena Memory Foam Seat will:
  • Mold to the shape of your body’s curves to increase blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue and pain.
  • Soften seats that are too hard, and firm up saggy seats – so you get the perfect comfort level.
  • Give a boost to low seats – an easy way to adjust the height of any chair.
Klaudena seat cushion specifications

How the Klaudena works

1. Pure memory foam
Adjusts to your exact shape and weight.
2. Allows air to circulate
Making it cool and breathable.
3. Ergonomic shape
To keep your spine straight - no more harmful slouching.
4. Light and portable
So you can take it anywhere – your home, the office, airplanes, cars.

Klaudena vs standard cushions

Klaudena memory foam seat cushion ergonomic

Klaudena Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Made from pure, premium memory foam, Klaudena naturally adapts to your body’s curves to make any chair ergonomic.
Desk chairs, home office chairs, armchairs, airplane seats – any seat becomes supportive and gains pain-relieving properties in seconds.
Standard cushions sitting posture

Standard cushions

Standard cushions might make you temporarily more comfortable, but they can’t improve your posture.
Klaudena is designed specifically for people who need to sit for long periods, giving you the ergonomic support you need to avoid muscle pain.

The support you need to avoid pain

Back, hip and legs support
Back, hip + legs
Sciatica support
Coccyx and tailbone support
Coccyx and tailbone
Klaudena seat cushion support happy male

Poor Sitting Posture is Causing You More Harm Than You Realize

Klaudena memory foam hand shape

Poor Sitting Posture is Causing You More Harm Than You Realize

You know that discomfort you feel in your back, butt, or tailbone when you sit? It’s a huge deal.
Most of us spend far more time sitting than our bodies are designed for. 8+ hours at an office desk – or worse, on the couch with a laptop – can quickly lead to muscle stiffness, soreness and fatigue.
Don’t wait until the pain becomes permanent. Easily tackle discomfort and relieve your body from the burden of sitting by getting Klaudena.

Join 1000+ people who’ve already fixed their posture & banished muscle pain

Transform any chair into an ergonomic chair

Klaudena no slip design

Secure, no slip design

Klaudena can be safely used on any seat, anywhere. Desk chair, car seat or couch – it’ll stay put with no risk of slipping or sliding.

Klaudena relieves pressure

Relieves pressure, reducing pain

Klaudena's memory foam will easily mold to your body – turning it into a personalized ergonomic design that distributes your weight evenly and naturally reduces pain.

Klaudena pain prevention

Pain Prevention

Klaudena will give you instant relief from bad posture induced muscle pain – and it’ll stop it from happening again.

Reduces pain and muscle fatigue that comes from sitting too long in unsupportive chairs. Helps with:

Poor posture
Poor posture
Poor posture
Back and hip pain
Back and hip pain
Back and hip pain
Coccyx and tailbone pain
Coccyx and tailbone pain
Coccyx and tailbone pain
Klaudena seat cushion reduces pain happy female

Why use Klaudena instead of a standard chair?

Chair with Klaudena product
Memory Foam
30 Day
satisfaction guarantee*
Ideal for
desk workers
Molds to your
unique shape
Can be used
Standard chair
Standard chair

Sit comfortably, anywhere…

In the office
Prevent pain and other bad posture related problems caused by being stuck at your desk.
Make even economy flights and long drives far more comfortable and relaxing.
At home
Make sure your time on the couch gaming or relaxing doesn’t lead to a painful back due to bad posture.
Klaudena comfortable transportation

Discover how it feels to sit comfortably

Transform your posture

Poor posture leads directly to back, hip and leg pain. Without proper support, slouching is inevitable. With Klaudena, you can’t help but sit naturally straight and pain-relieved.

8 hours? No problem!

Klaudena means you can put the work in whenever you need to – get that deadline met, without struggling with bad posture causing pain and fatigue.

Take it anywhere

Drivers, commuters and travelers will love Klaudena – turn your car, airplane or truck seat into a special ergonomic chair in seconds.

Breathable and odorless

Klaudena is designed to allow air to circulate, so you don’t end up with sweaty patches or odors.

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See How Klaudena Works In Real Life

Klaudena real life video thumbnail

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this help with my back pain?

A: The Klaudena is designed to help you relieve and prevent pain that results from sitting for too long – including back pain. If your back pain is the result of an injury or something else, it may help, but check with your doctor before using.

Q: Does it really work with any chair?

A: Yes! The Klaudena can be used on any chair – including desk chairs, car seats and couches. Simply place it on, and its contoured shape will mean it stays put (no sliding).

Q: Is it heavy or difficult to carry around?

A: Not at all. The Klaudena is very light and easy to transport – it should fit easily in most medium-sized bags.

Q: Isn’t it sweaty?

A: No. While some memory foam products can cause overheating, Klaudena is designed to allow air to circulate, meaning it supports without making you sweaty.

Customer Reviews

Tom K.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
I love this cushion! It is the best one I have ever found! I have tried dozens and found none that compare to this one for comfort. Thank you so much. The shipping was very good also. Will buy more products from this seller.
Jack T.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
Great product, fast service, fantastic price! Love them, I have never found an office chair that is high enough for me, so this gives me just the right amount to be above my desktop when typing. I am not short, but I like sitting up higher than any office chair goes.
Gemma F.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
I actually bought one to give to my twin sister’s work chair. My husband loves his for his dinning table chair. It saves his tail bone!
Ciara L.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
Fits well on my forklift seat and doesn’t slide. My bum didn’t hurt from being on the lift all day. The pillow helped out tremendously. Thank you
Adam S.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
I love the design of the seat and back cushions. They really relieve back and hip pain as I no longer slouch while sitting for many hours at my desk top computer in my home office.
Elsie T.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
I lost a bit of weight and my tailbone was starting to really hurt me. The rubber doughnut was not bad but it was hard to keep my balance on it. These cushions are just right.. My tailbone does not hurt anymore and I can sit comfortably on any chair. Thank you!
Barbara J.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
It's comfortable and not bulky, it serves its purpose takes away the ache in sitting for long periods of time. Compared to all the others I've tried that didn't quite work for me. I have right hip & knee arthritis and having high surgery in a few weeks. I need it for sitting at home & while driving makes it much less painful...Thanks!
Nettie P.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
After work I came home and realized that I had a new cushion. When I sat down my entire body melted into the seat. Immediately taking stress off my tailbone and back.
Helena M.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
Your website was clear and easy to use. My pillow arrived promptly after ordering. It offers excellent support to my thighs and buttocks, and improves my posture so sitting is less tiresome.

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