Sitting Better Can Make All the Difference When You Work

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A story of Geralt’s journey from intense pain to awesome productivity. It all began when he treated his backside right.


Aren’t we all Geralts?

“Damn. My back hurts!” — screams Geralt.

I can hear him all the way from the top floor. My office has ten floors. I'd be a billionaire if I had a dollar every time someone complained about pain in my office building.

Too much? Maybe a millionaire? Definitely a millionaire. Geralt is a project manager in a firm on the tenth floor of my office building. You could always catch him complaining about work-related pains and discomfort.

His colleague, Stella, a 32-year-old pregnant beauty, complains about similar pains. Tom too.

Even in 2022, with all the life hacks that pop up everywhere on the internet, life's not perfect. For instance, many people still struggle with sitting problems. I suppose you could say that the forty-hour work week has made the lower back weak.

Unfortunately, not many people take the problems that come with uncomfortable sitting seriously. Just like Geralt, we complain and then never do anything about it. We assume that no severe health risk can come from sitting on an office chair. That assumption is wrong.

How bad do lower back pain and work-related pain issues actually hurt?

Lower back pain is the leading cause of work-related pain issues. Nothing else squeezes out work-related medical expenses faster than lower back pain. In 2022, the cost of treating back pain in America is well above $380 billion.


That’s nearly 400 billion USD of hurt, stiffness, and discomfort.

Very much. The answer is very much. Lower back pain hurts like hell. It saps money (that you’d be better off saving), productivity, and peace of mind.

Where’s the pain and discomfort coming from?

A sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is an inactive one. It’s sitting, sitting, and more sitting. When someone says you have a sedentary lifestyle, they’re calling you a couch potato.


Medical experts disagree on many things. But they are united in their resolve against a sedentary lifestyle. But, that’s kind of putting office folks, like us, between the devil and the deep, deep blue sea.

We don’t sit for hours because we want to; we sit because we have to. We can’t possibly respond to all those emails, file tax returns, or write those reports while standing. So, sitting is definitely a non-negotiable.

Yes, sitting all day every day can cause your spine to be stiff and ultimately lead to neck and back pains. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.


Because there are two ways to sit — sitting wrong and sitting better, like on a seat cushion like Klaudena.

Two ways to sit

Sitting wrong significantly hampers productivity. A sedentary lifestyle also has long-term health implications, including physical and mental issues.

Sitting for hours on simple, poorly-designed regular chairs as Geralt used to is bad for your body. It makes your abdomen and pelvis muscles grow weaker until it leads to back pain.

Arthritis, spinal fracture, and herniated discs are all unwanted gifts that come with back pain. A horrible package deal.


Sitting wrong is not an option. Unless you’re planning to add 120 minutes of quality gym time to your already hectic work schedule.

So, I’ll tell you what I said to Geralt.

There’s a better way to sit, which doesn’t involve much. Back pain should not cost $34,600 per 100 employees. Sitting right means comfort, flexibility, and relaxation. It means better sitting posture and proper body weight load distribution.

You may get these things from Klaudena Ergonomic Memory Foam Seat Cushion.

Sitting the Klaudena Way

Remember Geralt?

He feels a lot better these days. He is happier, stronger, more productive, and quieter, too. He’s been much better since he added a little, simple yet highly effective solution to his workspace at the office. Now, I could take all the credit for Geralt’s newfound leash on life. But I’ll be true and allow Klaudena to take the credit here.

What is Klaudena?

Klaudena is an ergonomic cushion with memory foam. It is designed to take your sitting experience from zero to maximum enjoyment.

Klaudena looks like a small-sized pillow, but it’s much more. It’s purpose-designed to give your bottom a calming and relaxing sensation that spreads around your whole body. Some even say Klaudena is better than a cup of ice cream on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Klaudena is really effective. Geralt would say the same too.

When Klaudena resides firmly under your bottom, sitting for hours doesn’t feel like a chore. Instead, sitting feels like time at the spa. Its design gives you all the benefits of sitting, and reduces the pain that sitting on a regular chair gives you.

As Geralt says, even to this day,

“In the extreme sport of sitting for more than eight hours, Klaudena is your savior and best friend.”

I agree with Geralt.

My productivity at the office has climbed a recognizable notch since I started sitting better with Klaudena.


There’s even a real temptation to spend one more hour at work just so I can enjoy the feeling of comfortable sitting. Yet, in that regard, my love for Klaudena is not enough to make me ditch my quality parent time for more time at the office.

Poor single Geralt, though. He stays at the office longer now because he is much more comfortable.

Why is Klaudena special

There’s something about Klaudena, something special. It’s the perfect sidekick. It slots right in that tiny space between your behind and your office chair.

When your buttocks sway from left to right because your chair’s surface is discomforting, Klaudena swoops in and smooths things over. Giving you that superhero feeling you need to get your office tasks done.

The folks behind Klaudena have put a lot of work into the product. That’s why it has several features and selling points. Let’s discuss some of them.

Helps to reduce sitting-induced pain in the lower back, hip, and sciatica

Much has been said about the effects of lower back pain on work and productivity. Working isn’t exactly fun. Throw pain into the mix, and work quickly turns horrible.

Klaudena’s ergonomic design helps you achieve proper posture. By elevating your body weight with Klaudena, you give your lower back the perfect arch it needs. Sitting comfortably means distributing your weight evenly, which takes the pressure off your lumbar discs.

No slump. No slouch.

Breathable, Odor-free & Cool

Feels like a total breeze to sit with Klaudena. And I mean that quite literally. The pads inside the cushion are built to absorb bad smells. No worries there.

Klaudena stays as cool as a cucumber no matter how long you sit. It doesn’t block off the air; it absorbs and circulates it instead.

Mobile & Portable

This feature is my favorite. Geralt disagrees. Typical of him.

Klaudena is light and can fit into any medium-sized bag. If you have to move between offices daily, rest assured that Klaudena will be there for you. Sticking tighter than a stubborn rash.

Highly Adaptive to your Curves

Whether your derriere is plus-sized. Or moderately sized. Or small-sized. They’ll always be accepted and adored by Klaudena.

Klaudena is even perfect when you’re pregnant. When you’re not, the same Klaudena works just fine.

Buddies Up with your Current Chair

This one’s Geralt’s favorite. Even with all its structural issues, Geralt still loves his regular chair.

Thankfully, Klaudena enabled him to turn his old chair into something new. From stiff and uncomfortable to comfy and enjoyable.

Pairs exceptionally well with the Klaudena Lumbar Support Back Pillow

The Support Back Pillow is part of the Klaudena family. You absolutely should add this pillow to the cushion if you’ve got the resources to do so.

The cushion soothes your buttocks while the pillow relaxes your lower back.


Ready to sit right?

All the days of pain, stiffness, and discomfort from sitting for 8+ hours are probably telling on you already. God knows that it told heavily on Geralt.

But that could be all in the past. Your backside already does all the dirty work. Now’s the time to reward it.


When we sit right, we work right. Our productivity levels noticeably shoot up because we’re happier and more comfortable.

With Klaudena, you have a new shot at finding a new way to sit. A new way to fight all that work-related pain you’ve been struggling with.

Think of Geralt.

He’s becoming a supervisor next week, and he already included Klaudena in his Thank You speech. (I sneaked a peek.)

Choose Klaudena when you sit to work. It’ll make all the difference. You’ll see.

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